Wing motion study of Common Gull (Larus canus) out of the material I filmed in Sweden while visiting behavior scientist and ornithologist Jakob Augustin between 2010/07/02 - 05.


Test-footage of a bee starting from a blossom; shot with the highspeed camera we develope together with optomotive. 2013/08


Ambulance (part of the Timescan project; see below)

Subway-Station (part of the Timescan project; see below)

Timescan (2007-2010):

... is a joint project together with Stefan Resh (Technical University of Vienna), with whom I developed a technology where in a single picture a spacial dimension is replaced by time (at least partially). X-axis shows the continuum of aggregated time frames. The Velocity is represented by the dilation of moving objects and subjects.
What normally is time in the movie (one picture after the other) here is a spacial dimension. So you don´t see the time passing by while watching my video, but you see the space in horizontal spread.

You will find stills on