The Pattern which connects (2013)

...has been exhibited from 25th of June until 14th of July in the K├╝nstlerhaus Wien, in Dezember 2013 in Nicosia/Cyprus at the Artos Foundation, in April 2014 at the University of Technology Vienna in the "Camber of Curiosities" and from June to August 2014 at Galerie Reinthaler within my first gallery solo show "Stitching Nature". In March 2015 it has been shown at the ArtAustria in the Leopold Museum @ MQ Vienna.

The title "The Pattern Which Connects" has been taken out of Gregory Bateson's book "Mind And Nature: A Necessary Unity". This statement attends in a wonderful way with the mind and body matter- a stimulus which interrelates science and art directly in this project. This work builds a bridge between these two worlds, and wants to show that the patterns that connect exist. It is a contemplation about mutual inspiration of scientific and artistic work.

As a composite of tens of thousands of individual images, photomicrographs are both art and scientific method.

The image as well as the book have been planned and created/written at the Tokyo University of the Arts - Laboratory for Artistic Anatomy (Prof. Hideto Fuse) during my guest year.

For this project a device has been developed that enables very precise movement of the recording system (camera and microscope objective with long working distance). The three stages are able to move in fractions of a micrometer and are computer controlled. The resulting image has 1,5 giga pixels and could be printed 3x6 meters with 300 dpi, which offers rich detail, like pollen on the scales of the butterfly wing.

The actual Diasec is 300cm x 162cm in size. Please find a downscaled version of the photo here: The Pattern which connects 50% (it might not work in IE but works fine in firefox)

Some photos of the opening in the K├╝nstlerhaus you can find here, on the website of the University of Applied Arts. Unfortunately I┬┤m not allowed to use those pictures directly on my website because of copyright.

Michael Bachhofer Michael Bachhofer 
<a href="" target="_blank" >Link to the project at the X-Dream Festival in Cyprus</a>