The City I lost my Heart to (2014)

... is the starting point to a project where I will compare cities and regions of different parts of the world, show their parallels and similarities and want to give the recipients a new view on those regions.

The first image below (size 100x67cm) shows some of the areas of Tokyo that I like the most. I could tell lots of stories about how I walked through the streets, which streets I walked and what I saw there. There would be stories about the homeless people I met in Minami-Senju (south of the big fright terminal in the north of the image), funny stories about Asakusa and never ending ones about Ueno.

From 27th. of March to 12th. of May I contributed to an exhibition in Germany ('Das Glueck liegt auf der Strasse') together with alien productions, Hubert Blanz, Elisabeth Czihak, Robert F. Hammerstiel, Paul Horn & Lotte Lyon, Helmut Kandl, Gudrun Kemsa, Michael Michlmayr, Michael Wesely, Ursula Zeidler and Fabio Zolly. The exhibition was curated by Petra Noll.

By clicking the titles of the two images those might open in a new tab/window (which could take a while, because they are still quite large, although down sized):

Tokyo-Chiba - Central Strip

Fuji-san looks at more than 30 million - and they look back

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