observation_1 (2013)

... is a first attempt to look at films on different scales, in order to intuitively understand and analyze. It is about finding patterns. What can I read from the images of a single film, and what is the overall view of movies? What similarities are there? What distinguishes these films? Are there any temporal characteristics? Are there patterns that connect movies/genres/...?
We zoomed out the view of a single movie to a group of movies and analysed the 101 first ranked movies on imdb.com.
The exhibition is to be understood as an experiment. We still do not know how to deal with this method, and even the method is not yet well defined. The observers are invited to seek strategies for intuitive visual film analysis and share them with us.
The basis for our still developing method is Cinema Redux by Brendan Dawes (2004). There have also been since the mid 90s a number of artists, such as Jason Salavon, who have dealt with very similar methods. We are attempting to zoom out one level further, in order to highlight the relationship patterns (fingerprints) individual films have with each other.


... are Michael Bachhofer and Alin Cirstea, two Art&Science alumni with special interests in photo, video and cinema, or better sequential image worlds, where images run in a variety of frequencies or huge amounts of images are put together.