Austrian artist Michael Bachhofer is best known for his ultra high resolution, large scale photography work which consists of tens of thousands of single photos often shot through the microscope. To perceive the unperceivable, to see the audible, to here the visible or feeling data is one of his main aims. His art focuses on changed and expanded perception. It is revealing a more complete and ÔÇśholisticÔÇÖ point of view. Michael enjoys using tools and methods such as photomicrography, interviews, causal diagrams, projection mapping, space-time transformation and acoustics at low frequencies. 'I┬┤m not an artist but an artistic explorer' he said when he was talking about being strongly influenced by the philosophy and epistemology of the radical constructivism by Heinz von Foerster and Ernst von Glasersfeld. Michael┬┤s main interests are questions dealing with perception, reality and truth as well as the interaction of art, science, technology and society.

Michael Bachhofer was born in the Austrian Central Alps in a rural environment. Early he developed his interests in nature, life sciences and art. Michael studied several subjects at six Universities. After graduating with distinction in biology/ecology from the University of Vienna and founding an IT-Company specialized in Data enrichment he started studying fine arts at the department of Art&Science of the University of applied Arts Vienna. He spent one year overseas at the Tokyo University of the Arts where he focused on art anatomy, photography and Kendo. Shortly after graduation again with distinction he found a gallery to represent him. Michael had several solo exhibitions, was shown at international art fairs and he also contributed to a list of group exhibitions nationally and internationally. Among his most important exhibitions he counts the Natural History Museum of Vienna (2018), the Ostrale 2016 and his participation in the European Capital of Culture 2018 in Valletta/MLT - 'Science in the City'. Michael in 2018 has been granted a one-year scholarship in fine art by the state of Carinthia. He has been an invited Artist at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.
His work is part of the Collection of the Central Bank of Austria as well as in several private collections.


Personal Info
Michael Bachhofer, born in Friesach/Carinthia, grown up in the Styrian mountains, lives in Vienna, Austria

+43 (0) 660 32 91 695
michaelbachhofer{at}gmx{dot}net (artistic) (scientific)

Education (selection)
2012 - 2013
Tokyo University of the Arts - Art Anatomy, Photography
Overseas Year

2010 - 2013
University of Applied Arts Vienna - Institute of Fine Arts and Media Arts,
Department for Art & Science
graduated with distinction: June 2013 - MA

1997 - 2008
University of Vienna, Biology / Ecology
graduated with distinction: December 2008 - Mag.rer.nat. equal to MSc

1996 - 1998
Graz University of Technology, Electrical Engineering

Exhibitions (selection)
*Bundesministerium f├╝r Landes┬şverteidigung (Ministry of Defense), Vienna/AT - Retro (solo) (forthcomming)
*21.NordArt, B├╝delsdorf/DE - (Butter)Fly┬┤s Eye Cam, Me, #BeAButterflyYourself (forthcomming)

*European Capital of Culture 2018, Valletta/MLT - Science in the City
*RAIBA Neumarkt/AT - Retro (solo)
*Fumes and Perfumes, Stuttgart/DE - 5.0 (will run until June 2019)
*NHM (Naturhistorisches Museum), Vienna/AT - Our place in space
*Klanglicht Festival, Graz/AT - Ich bin viele Gesichter (Rossegger Monument)

*LOLA LIK, Amsterdam/NL - Feel it fill it
*MAK (Museum of Applied Arts), Vienna/AT - photo::vienna
*offSpace Galerie Panoptikum, Gilgenberg/AT - Werkschau(en)
*Haus der Fotografie, Vienna/AT - Infrarot

*Galerie Reinthaler, Vienna/AT - Sources of Construction (Eyes On - Month of Photography & Vienna Art Week)(solo)
*Hotel Altstadt, Vienna/AT - Cognitive Self Portrait
*OSTRALE┬┤O16, Dresden/DE - error: X

*Stadtmuseum Neuoetting/DE - Das Gl├╝ck liegt auf der Stra├če -
Der Urbane Raum/Urban Space

*KMG Art Gallery, Vienna/AT - Sebstportrait 2014/Self Portrait 2014
*Galerie Reinthaler, Vienna/AT - Stitching Nature (solo)
*University of Technology Vienna/AT - Wunderkammer 2014/Cabinet of curiosities 2014

*Artos Foundation, Nicosia/CYP - X-Dream
*Ausarten, Vienna/AT - Das Exponential (during Vienna Art Week)
*K├╝nstlerhaus, Vienna/AT - The Essence 13
*[hu: fak off] space / Aula of the University of Applied Art Vienna/AT - observation_1 (solo of kino_observateur)

*K├╝nstlerhaus, Vienna/AT - The Essence 12
*Kunstraum Wien Mitte, Vienna/AT - Art & Science Ontologies

*NHM (Naturhistorisches Museum Wien), Vienna/AT - Vienna Art Week

Art Fairs
*JustMad-X, Madrid/ES - (represented by Galerie Panoptikum)
*Huntenkunst, Ulft/NL - (Collective ├ľL)
*Art Bodensee, Dornbirn/AT - (represented by Galerie Reinthaler)
*Art Austria / Leopoldmuseum at MQ Vienna/AT - (represented by Galerie Reinthaler)
*Viennafair, Vienna/AT (represented by Galerie Reinthaler)

Artist in residence, grants and awards
*One-year scholarship in fine art by the State of Carinthia
*Invited Artist at the JRC Art & Science Summerschool of the European Commission in Ispra / Italy
*Project grants by the State of Carinthia, the City of Vienna and Valletta 2018 Foundation

*JERKfilms Contest - Emerging Artists Project 2016
*FRAMOS Young Art Collection Award
*Grant by the Federal Chancellery of Austria

*ResArt (Nicosia/Cyprus)- funded by Artos Foundation together with the Austrian Embassy and the University of Applied Arts Vienna
*Auslandstipendium University of Applied Arts Vienna

*Auslandstipendium University of Applied Arts Vienna

Collection of the central bank of Austria / Sammlung der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank
serveral works are in private collections

Bachhofer M. (2017) 'Troides helena - Butterflies are super nice' in Andreas M├╝ller-Pohle (Editor) 'Talking Photography ÔÇô 100 Pictures that Tell a Story.', European Photography Nr.100, 37(2): 5

Bachhofer M., Rysavy E., Wildenberg M. (2014) 'Projekt Metatron - Die erste Posaune' in Dombois F., Klein J., Bast G., Peters S. 'Out of the Box. 10 Fragen an k├╝nstlerische Forschung', Verlag Angewandte, (ISBN-10: 3200033827),

Wildenberg M., Bachhofer M., Isak K.G.Q., Skov F. (2013) 'Use and evaluation of FCM as a tool for long term socio ecological research' in Papageorgiou, E. (Editor) 'Fuzzy Cognitive maps for Applied Sciences and Engineering', Intelligent Systems Reference Library: Springer, (ISBN-10: 3642397387)

Reckien, D., Wildenberg M. and Bachhofer M. (2012) 'Subjective realities of climate change - How mental maps of impacts deliver socially sensible adaptation options', Journal of Sustainability Science, 8(2):159-172

Deifel V., Kr├Ąftner B., Widrich V. (Editors.) (2011) 'An envelope for arts, sciences, politics and us', Edition Angewandte: Springer Vienna, (ISBN-10: 3709109892)

Wildenberg, M., Bachhofer, M., Adamescu, M., De Blust, G., Diaz-Delgado, R., Isak, K., Skov, F., Varjopuro, R. (2010)' Linking thoughts to flows - Fuzzy cognitive mapping as tool for integrated landscape modelling.' Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Integrative Landscape Modelling ÔÇô Linking environmental, social and computer sciences. Symposcience, Cemagref, Cirad, Ifremer, Inra, Montpellier.

Wildenberg M., Bachhofer M., Adamescu M., De Blust G., Diaz-Delgado R., Isak K., Skov F., Varjopuro R. 'Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping as tool for social-ecological research and environmental management: experience from six European case studies', Journal of Environmental Management - resubmitted

CV in a linear form
*1976 in Friesach/Austria, lives and works mainly in Vienna. 1996-2013 Graz University of
Technology, University of Vienna, Medical University of Vienna, TU Wien, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Tokyo University of the Arts. AIR, Grants + Awards: 2018 JRC Art & Science Summerschool of the European Commission in Ispra / Italy; One-year scholarship in fine art by the State of Carinthia; Project grants by the State of Carinthia, the City of Vienna and Valletta 2018 Foundation 2016 Winner of the JERKfilms Contest; FRAMOS Young Art Collection Award; Grant from the Austrian Federal Chancellery; 2013 Exhibithional promotion by University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austrian Embassy in Nicosia/Cyprus and the Artos Foundation, as well as Artist Residency promoted by ResArt. 2012 + 2013 Foreign exchange scholarship from University of Applied Arts Vienna. Exhibitions (selection): 2017 "Feel it fill it", LOLA LIK, Amsterdam/NL, "photo::vienna", MAK (Museum of Applied Arts), Vienna , "Werkschau(en)", offSpace Panoptikum, Gilgenberg, "Infrarot", Haus der Fotografie, Vienna. 2016 "European Month of Photography", Eyes On -> "Sources of Construction", Galerie Reinthaler, Vienna (solo), "error: X", Ostrale, Dresden/DE. 2015 "Das Gl├╝ck liegt auf der Stra├če - Urban Space ", Stadtmuseum Neu├Âtting/DE, 2014 "Stitching Nature", Galerie Reinthaler, Vienna (solo). "Selbstportr├Ąt 2014", KMG Art Gallery, Vienna. "Wunderkammer", Technische Universit├Ąt Wien. 2013 "X-Dream", Artos Foundation, Nicosia/CY. "Das Exponential", Ausarten, Vienna. "The Essence 13", K├╝nstlerhaus, Vienna. "#15 - kino_observateur:observation_1", [hu: f?k off] space / Aula der Angewandten, Vienna (solo). 2012 "The Essence 12", K├╝nstlerhaus, Vienna. "Art & Science Ontologies", Kunstraum Wien Mitte, Wien. 2011 "Vienna Art Week", Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna. ...