Relational - The Beauty of Complexity (2018)

... shows relations of entities. The work will pursue my approach of constructing more complex structures by assembling simpler ones or subsections.

Coming from systems and network analysis I always was fascinated by the esthetics of visualized networks and also matrices (e.g. my project 'Binary'). By hand drawing the visual representations of these relational datasets i want to show that those networks/systems are unique as everyone of us is unique although sharing a set of similar features.
Another purpose that I try to fulfill by hand drawings, is a contemplative process.
The work might be influenced by Mark Lombardi´s work, but my networks will be mainly causal networks. One focus will be the investigation of the interrelations between art, science, technology and society. The first project deals with climate change, where I will create FCMs together with scientists workiing on climate change. I hope that this will bring a better understanding of how we interrelate with it.
Another project will be to understand phenomenons like love. I mean... where does it come from? But this might take a while.

I´m also very interested in trying out different forms of visualization and diverse esthetics.
Images and photos of my new experiments may follow soon. The image below shows the interrelations of parasites and African culture on the example of sleeping sickness and Nagana - my first work done in 2008. It is a mixture of different forms of knowledge, different sciences and indigenous/traditional knowledge, that were combined into one model.

Developing FCM and relational diagrams as an artistic method is funded by a one-year scholarship from the state of Carinthia.