Death Row Roster (2008)

... is a collage of photos of all persons within Death Row of Florida Department of Correction in February 2008. The photos were gathered with a harvester/web crawler by focused crawling out of the internet.
This picture was intended for an exhibition with an 'interpassive' character (interpassive here has a different meaning than Robert Pfaller´s interpassive). The original image measures 195x100cm.
Short Description: One inmates picture gets replaced by a small TFT-screen or within a projection of the whole collage. A pinhole camera makes photos of the visitors in front of a homogeneous illuminated background - without their knowledge. The head of the visitor is cropped automatically. A second camera connected to an analyzing system detects who will watch the "Death Row Roster Image" next. The picture of this person is presented on the inmates shoulders of the replaced picture.