#BeAButterflyYourself (2018-19) (250x390cm prints on placard or banner material as backgrounds for second order photographs)

... is an interactive photo installation. Large, high resolution photos which consist of tens of thousands of single shots through the microscope are backgrounds for letting the visitors dive into the role of a butterfly and play around with the images. The resulting images which are collected on instagram are a statement for a peaceful transition of our society.

Developed last year during the opeing of 'Fumes and perfumes 5.0' in Stuttgart the first real run should have been in Malta at the 'Notte Bianca' festival, but Valletta administratives took away my artwork after we did our first tests with it at an unofficial memorial site for Daphne Caruana Galizia, the October 2017 murdered journalist. Now about a year after my artwork got 'lost' the authorities still do not give it back.
Here is a video about our first Tests-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4oy8vN6WUo

The project (with alternative prints) is currently exhibited at the 'Wissensraum' in Vienna/AT and the 'NordArt' in B├╝delsdorf/DE and will be exhibited together with the '(Butter)Fly┬┤s Eye Cam at the 'Vienna Art Week 2019', 15th-22nd of November (OpenCave).

Some more photos where persons become butterflies at instagram: #BeAButterflyYourself