Hidden World Series (2016), 150 x 64 cm

... will become a series of works that will deal with one of my favorite places of my hometown - the 'big swing' at the 'Jesuitenwiese' in Viennas lovely 'Prater', the biggest park in town. I believe it is one of the nicest parks I´ve ever seen. Fortunate as I am, I live rather close to this place.
Hidden World, the title of my 2014 predecessor work, was not just chosen because of the infrared camera and the colors and content we normally do not see, but also because of the time blending process. This process reconstructs the memories better than a single photo. The resulting photo is between photo and movie, because it is constructed out of many single shots. It collects scenes and merges them together. Somehow the resulting photo documents what was happening on a specific day, but time is not linear in the photo. For sure the resulting photo does not show a short moment. It is far from a snapshot, yet still far from being a set up scene or from staged photography. The work helps developing a way for photographing memories.

During the comming months and years more and more of such photos will appear.

The aim in this project is to better understand the relation of space and time, to document the changes of one of my favorit places and, for sure, to get out of my lab more often.

Find out more about how this project began by clicking this link Hidden World (2014). Even more info about this work could be found in the portfolio.