Informa (2016)

... asks for strategies for dealing with media coverage. This is exemplified with reference to the political events in the post-Maidan-Ukraine. The roar of media vs. subjective experience report - information overload vs. reality bubble Installation: The installation consists of a large number of in the room spread radios. They flood the visitors with numerous international news reports of a global political conflict (in our case the Ukraine conflict). Sound showers which are positioned in the same room allow to escape the constant mental overload and help to immerse in a 'thought bubble'. Here you can listen to personal experience reports from individuals that tell about the same geopolitical conflict. In this case you will be limited to their subjective opinion. On the one hand we are permanently inundated by the mass media with recurring waves of contradictory information which make it difficult for us to get a this clear picture of the world that we yearn secretly. On the other hand, only a plurality of heterogeneous individual opinions lead to objective insight. Schrödinger's cat is biting its own tail.

Created by ArtScienceSociety
Interdisciplinary team:
Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk (interviews and editorial), Karl Wratschko (organizational and technical realization), Michael Bachhofer (technical realization and artistic direction)

Exhibited at Ostrale´o16 - error: X

Funded by the Art section of the Austrian Federal Chancellery (BKA) and supported by Lexon.