Rite de passage (2012)

... shows a multidimensional, analog, interactive cube that symbolizes human life. The images origin in PET-CT images of an anonymous person.
Which possibilities do radio-diagnostics give us today? Which problems occur by the diagnosis? When does the "rite de passage" start and how to morph into the new identity?
There is also a hole in the cube. If one looks through it, one can see symbols and interpret it by ones knowledge as medical data has to be interpreted by a physician. It also symbolizes a shamans interpretation of symbols when she/he is on her/his mission within a ritual.
The works intention is also to let the visitor think about the role of a physician. Would it be appreciated that the physician has the role of a shaman, that guides her/his patient through the rite the passage?

Exhibited in June and July 2012 at the "Künstlerhaus Wien" within "The Essence 12".