Dwarf Elephants, Nicola Tesla and the rest of the word (2011)

... was my contribution to the Vienna Art-Week and was exhibited at the Museum of Natural History Vienna (14.11. – 20.11.2011)
Seeing a Dwarf Elephant in the NHM that existed several thousand years ago in Sicily and looks almost the same as the African Elephant except it was just about 1 meter in size inspired me to develope something about shrinking organisms and especially shrinking man.
Wouldn´t it be nice to have a shrinked mankind? Think about ecological advantages of short people. Think about the negative effects of the anthropcene, climate change,...
First I just wanted to focus on this kind of 'reverse engineering' of the human body - the optimization of mankind. Shrinking persons to 1/3 of their size means that they would have around 1/27 of weight, so flying or at least hovering would be easier to accomplish, because less energy would be needed. If all human beings would shrink in body size it would have tremendous effects when thinking about nutrition, transport, waste, ... but it also would change our way of perception completely - our world would be another world.

The story about Tesla, the Dwarf Elephant and about optimizing mankind within this project is a fictional story constructed out of real facts which were just (re)combined analog to the recombination of the genetic sequence in gene targeting, creating what is called recombinant DNA.

The vitrine consits of: Tesla´s diary, blueprints of diverse Tesla patents, a letter from Sir Francis Galton to Niciola Tesla, a real hovering male shoe made for a shrinked man of about 1 meter in size.

Photo by Iulian Moise Short description Photo by Virgil Widrich Photo by Iulian Moise