Brunnenmarkt Dynamics (2011)

10 Speakers, 10 Tracks,
A Whole Day of Market Life within Seconds

A lineup of 10 audio speakers represents the dynamics of market life during one day. We sampled the sound of Viennaā€™s Brunnenmarkt. 15 hours of recording packed into 10 distinct samples, from 4 am when the setup of the stands begins until 5 pm when trading stops.

The installationā€™s arrangement allows for different perceptions
of the recordings. The volume is intentionally set low to invite
listeners to come close and listen carefully. Single samples tell
stories about the actors involved, while the complete set of recordings
gives an impression of the marketā€™s overall time based dynamics.

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[Michael Bachhofer, David Palme - ART & SCIENCE VISUALIZATION - University of Applied Arts Vienna]